When staging a small scale home keep in mind the old adage, Less is More. With limited space, attention to detail is key. What is left out
speaks as loudly as what is put in. Open space with breathing room is what makes this midcentury home (totally transformed after being torn
down to the studs) into a charming, tastefully appointed duplex. Even though it is small, there is a certain character that appeals to a savvy buyer. With the help of our staging team, we fine-tooth-combed the home to make sure every inch of space is pleasing to the eye.

As we see above, it all begins with the curb appeal. The balanced entry portico with small old-fashioned porch and columns in direct perspective from the stone-paved pathway providing clean lines and landscape.  You enter the main open plan living quarters with the clean lines of neu-tral colors, drawing the eye to the openness and leading up to the fresh, clean kitchen upgrades. Although the space is not grand, it has a grand illusion when utilizing the simple lines and monochromatic colors with some minimalist contrast. The flooring is what makes it all come togeth-er with the use of texture in the area rug in a rich color to carry the eye across the room to the kitchen.The lightness of the tile and reflective stainless steel adds a bit of mo-dernity in contrast to the more rustic bar stools. This is a tasteful balance of clean lines and warm materials.

Walking down the small hallway beyond the stairs, the keen use of space in the bathroom downstairs is set into a pocket under the stairs. There is a shower and small ample sink providing comfort for the guests. The downstairs bedroom has ample space and is bright and airy. The upstairs master has a comfortable sized space, which extends out even further with a balcony. The bathroom tile is very refreshing and evokes a feeling of openness.

The upstairs bedroom is also spacious with a nice suite bathroom. and has a balcony which overlooks the small but comfortable backyard. The clever division of this backyard duplex space is divided by a fence that was set to code but not too high so it has the feeling of more spa-ciousness. Even the driveway area has some grass leading up to the garage.


With respect to size matters, any space can be appealing with the right layout, design and especially the keen eye and skill of a professional staging company in Los Angeles.

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