It’s no secret that staging a home is critical to selling it. Just take a look at your competition.

The intent of professional real estate home staging is to show potential buyers a clutter-free and clean home, both outside and inside. This is our specialty – to let them envision how this listing can be their home by giving them a sneak peek of life within the space.

Where will they be sitting to enjoy the view out to the patio? We strategically place the sofa to take full advantage of the best views. Will they be sitting around the kitchen island just before the kids go off to school? We’ll adorn the island will stylish yet comfortable stools for this purpose. Want the master bathroom to give off that spa-like feel? We’ll place all the essentials there at your fingertips!

When shopping for real estate, buyers don’t want to see personal items or family portraits hanging around, and Realtors know this. Buyers get distracted, and some may feel that they are intruding. They want to see clean, open spaces where they can imagine their own life there; they want to see the materials and craftsmanship used in the design and construction of the home, and they want to see out the windows.

No matter what part of Los Angeles, we’ll make sure your home staging project doesn’t hinder what real estate buyers are looking for but instead, entice them to fall in love with your listing.

Drawers and cabinets should be emptied into labeled storage boxes when you’re preparing to sell a home. Then, store the items used often that are sitting out on counters and tables into the drawers and cabinets.

Homebuyers will look into your closets, so make sure these are neat, clean and clutter free – or better yet, totally empty to show the space you’re selling.

We’ll place stylish pillows in the living room and bedrooms in bright and/or seductive colors, and new, large wall art is our signature final touch. You’ll love our custom artwork we create for most of our home staging projects. After all, we’re in Los Angeles with the most selective buyers who are ready to spend big money, and we’ll make sure your real estate listing aggressively competes in style with other listings. It’s safe to say we feel our staged homes are of no match to most other homes on the market.

A few vases and beautiful plants will help in making the space stand out and command attention while relaxing the senses. Your open houses will surely be memorable.
All you have to do is turn on the lights, take up the blinds, and open the door! The rest is on us to make your listing shine bright.

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